Our Teachers

 Shri George Romney

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Shri George Romney, a practicing philosopher and a dedicated devotee of Swami Chinmayananda has been a teacher of Vedanta in New York since 1986.

He has the unique ability of explaining the concepts of Vedanta through Chinmaya Mission’s prescribed texts. He creates and sustains interest in his students from multi-cultural backgrounds to pursue sincere study of Vedanta for their self-improvement.

Shri George Romney conducts various study groups in and around New York.





Dr. Jatin Kapadia

Dr-jatin Kapadia

Dr. Jatin Kapadia is a pediatrician in Hempstead, New York and has been in practice for over four decades. A long time disciple of Acharya Krishna Moorthy, Dr. Kapadia has been conducting Vedanta study groups in various locations since past several years. He has also been giving talks at different temples on the Bhagavad Gita, Bhaja Govindam, Atma Bodha, and other topics such as ‘Effective Parenting through Vedanta’.

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