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Chinmaya Kids

‘Chinmaya’ means knowledge.

Chinmaya Kids aims to subtly but firmly ingrain into the child the importance of values, morals and good living turning them into kids of knowledge.
Parents try to give a better life to their children. Better than what they had. This desire to excel, perhaps, is the only force responsible for the beginning of civilization on this planet. The rest as we know is history.

At Chinmaya Mission, we are concerned about keeping this parent to child tradition alive. Where we inform children about cultural heritage, including how to deal with everyday situations. Then, there is also a brighter side to it that consists of entertainment and fun and a lot of activities to develop one ’s personality with performance. So the citizens of tomorrow could have a better life than their predecessors.

However, it is not possible for us to carry on with our mission without selfless support from the viewers – who would enable us with our objective to serve children. Please visit Chinmaya Kids for more information. 

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